Conference participants have several options for publishing their articles:
I. Proceedings volume has been published at (VOL 2426); 
II. Proceedings volume to be published at (RISC).

Requirements for articles and the procedure for their review:
1. Articles should be prepared according to the template in Russian or in English.
2. The volume of the article (including the list of references) should be 5-10 pages.
3. One author allowed to submit up to 2 articles. This restriction does not apply to invited and plenary speakers. Individual cases may be considered by the conference program committee on the relevant appeal.

4. Requirements to the text of the article for publishing at (RISC):
• the abstract should be limited to one paragraph;
• All artwork must be centered, neat, clean and legible. Do not use pencil or hand-drawn artwork. Figure number and caption always appear after the the figure. Place one line space before the figure, one line space before the figure caption and one line space after the figure caption. The figure caption is initial caps and each figure is numbered consecutively. Make sure that the figure caption does not get separated from the figure. Leave extra white space at the bottom of the page to avoid splitting the figure and figure caption.
• the formula is inserted as a separate object, centered. formulas must be executed using the Microsoft Equation formula editor;
• footnotes are placed at the bottom of the page;
• tables should be centered, neat and legible, should not be drawn by hand. numbering and caption - in front of the table. one indent before the table heading, one indent after the table heading and one indent after the table.
5. The author sends to the organizing committee the archive file, which contains:
• an article formatted in Docx (MS Word) format, the file name should be ISO-compatible, it is recommended to name the file by the Author_article name (for example, Ivanov_article);
• permission to publish as a pdf scan of a signed document (only Russian participants, see Permission sample).;
4. All submitted articles are reviewed, including their correspondence to the subject of the conference and the level of the English language. The review uses a policy aimed at eliminating conflicts of interest.

Special issue of the journal Computational Technologies
Primary requirements:
1. The issue will include articles recommended by the conference program committee. Articles will be published after passing all accepted procedures and checks.
2. Articles are issued according to the requirements of the journal and are sent to the conference committee (after the conference and receiving the corresponding invitation).
3. The volume of the article (including the list of references) should be 8-9 pages.

Materials can be uploaded during participant registration or later.
Alternate ways to send us your materials:
a) upload it by the link in registration confirmation message;
b) send it to the organizing committee by email (not recommended).
Please check the deadline of submission the materials and send your reports before.