We publish the most frequent questions and answers related to participation in the conference.
1. Registration and submission of materials.

Q: How can I change the registration data, for example, change the status from listener to speaker?
A: Write to the organizing committee, your registration will be canceled, and you will be able to re-register and upload files.

Q: How to fill out the Print Name?
A: Handwritten in Latin letters your Name, Surname.

Q: How to fill in Location / Date?
A: Handwritten in Latin letters your City, Country / Fill Date.

Q: How to reference papers published via CEUR-WS.org

A: A paper in a CEUR-WS.org volume should be referenced using its online URL, for example

   M. Lenzerini: Description logics for schema level reasoning in databases.
   Proc. of V Intl. Conf. ITHPC-2019 Khabarovsk, Russia, September 16-19, 2019,
   CEUR-WS.org, online CEUR-WS.org/Vol-2426/paper3.pdf.

More examples see in "How to reference papers published via CEUR-WS.org"
at http://ceur-ws.org/HOWTOSUBMIT-new.html#TOPERRORS